Saturday, September 11, 2010


This started as a bit of a joke.  While following a thread on a Facebook post, I added a couple of lines.  A friend (jesting)  informed me that poetry should rhyme... so, the next afternoon on the train ride home, I wrote "A GIRL" and "SUMMER'S EVE".  These are for you, David Bevins - look...they rhyme!!.   

"REMEMBER ME" was written some years, about a very special person who came into my life for only a very short time, but whom I will remember always.


From Nantucket,
There once was a lass.

While walking one morn,
Upon a hill she did come.

A mound carpeted,
In dew speckled grass.

Placing foot on verdant green,
The girl did slip and fall;
Landing on her bum.



Tell me no.
Tell me now.
Tell me final.
Tell me I must go.

Tears in my eyes,
A longing ache in my heart.
Words you whisper in my ear,
Sounding more like breathless sighs.

Will you remember me?
Tell me these were more than stolen moments.
When we lay in each other’s arms,
Our beating hearts saying more than words ever could.
Say you will…  Remember me.



Soft summer breeze,
Caressing her neck,
Like a lover’s kiss.

Warm rays of golden sunset,
Slip beneath the dusky horizon.

Honeysuckle perfume,
Riding on the wind.
Fireflies dance in their flickering lights.

Nature’s beauty and splendor,
Thrilling her heart with graceful ease.


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