Friday, April 29, 2011


The Long FirmThe Long Firm by Jake Arnott
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This an amazing read.  Jake Arnott takes the reader deep into the seedy underbelly of 60's London... "lairy" blokes getting "aggro" in dark dives... Mad Harry, a gangster's gangster ("I'm not gay, I'm homosexual!") with a thing for the soft, young gay-boys out looking for danger, and trying to make a dishonest dollar honest... bent coppers dipping their greedy paws in for a share.

The Long Firm is a collection of five stories, with intertwining characters and new faces in each "chapter".  Each chapter brings people and events to their inevitable conclusion, not predictably, but with a certainty and finality that makes one wonder if those poor souls lives were really about choices, or if their destinies were foretold long ago, and all they can do is let the "fates" do as they must, because... "our wills are not our own... we are shaped and ruled by forces we are barely capable of understanding, and virtually powerless, to change."  Do we really have no control?  Does society make us what we are, and when it sees the truth, turns a blind eye and deaf ear?

THE LONG FIRM was another recommendation from my dear friend, Paul D Brazill... and, I will say this once again...

You will not go wrong with one of Paul's recommendations!  Thank you, Paul.

And... Thank you, Mr Arnott... for a superb story!

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Thursday, April 14, 2011


Who you were before is unimportant...
The past is past... dust in the wind... no more.

You have come to me... and I to you... two becoming one... 
You are mine... my Cytherea... and I…your Sappho.

Two stars racing across the night sky... chasing the dawn...
Two spirits… riding the moonbeam’s ethereal glow.

And when morning's light brings us back to earth...
Consummation on white satin... lovers entwined... as before.

Our lives now… more than the sum of all things…
As your fate is mine...  so then, my fate is yours.

Destiny is not a dream... we are beamriders of the night...
Moonlit souls with gossamer wings.