Saturday, December 29, 2012

DRUNK ON THE MOON 2 – A New Roman Dalton Anthology by Paul D Brazill

You know how, come Christmas morning, you felt there was something missing from under the tree... but you couldn't quite put your finger on what it was? Allow me...

Paul D. Brazill and Pulp Metal Fiction bring you the long-awaited follow up to Paul's first Drunk On The Moon anthology.... (drum roll, please!)

Paul's latest offering opens with a brilliant introduction by master of the horror/pyschological thriller, Richard Godwin, who makes a stirring argument for bringing a little lycanthropy into the fray between good and evil.

DOTM 2 is packed with such heavy-hitters as Paul D Brazill, Carrie Clevenger, Chad Eagleton, Matt Hilton, Ben LeLievre, Chris RhatiganBen SobieckJJ TonerVincent Zandri and...

Well, look at this... little ol' me... in here with all these 'big fish'! Hang on a sec.... (does little happy dance)...

Thrilled... and honoured... that's what I was when Paul approached me about using one of my 'Erin' pieces in an anthology he was putting together. Of course, I said 'yes'!

Chuffed... is what I am now... seeing my story in print along with these amazing writers... totally chuffed!

Congratulations, Paul... and everyone who has contributed their time and talent to make this anthology possible. It's an amazing collection of stories... I'm going through my second read right now; I can't seem to put it down!

A special thank you to Marcin Drzewiecki & Jason Michel for the amazing (you already said amazing, Veronica)... for the awesome (said that too, sweetie!)... brilliant (mmm...)...

Thank you, Marcin and Jason, for your fantastically inspired cover art! ;-) 

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