Sunday, August 21, 2011


Magenta ShamanMagenta Shaman by Lily Childs
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Breathless... that's what I am, after reading Magenta Shaman.  And, it's not because I literally 'tore' through the story.  Once I started reading, I could NOT put this down!  I don't have a Kindle yet, so I download to the Kindle for PC app.  I was reading this on my desktop computer the other night, and if the power had chosen that particular time to go out... my 'cries' would have been heard all the way to Eastbourne! (I live on the West Coast of the United States.)

Urban fantasy/horror is a genre I have not read a lot of, especially the last several years.  Not because I lost interest... but, because I found new interests.  After reading Magenta Shaman, I am asking myself what was so bloody important to leave behind stories like this!

Lily's dark tale... you were right, Lily. It IS a love story... leaves a delicious 'taste', and a hunger for more!  What absolutely wonderful, dark imagery her words conjure... I can almost feel the Billowat's fetid, rotting breath on me. From the opening paragraph, my heart rate doubled... if I had been reading a paper book version, I would have left sweaty fingerprints throughout.

Oh... I was right about one thing, Lily.  Even with a night light, I tossed and turned all night!

Somehow... "Thank you" seems a bit inadequate!

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