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Drunk on the MoonDrunk on the Moon by Paul D Brazill
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Well... this is just a wee bit embarrassing!  I read DRUNK ON THE MOON almost two months ago and STILL haven't written so much as a "Smashing read, Paul!"? (Turn in your reading glasses and go to your room, young lady!)

I read the first part of DRUNK ON THE MOON in Dark Valentine some months back... it takes a truly dark and brilliant mind to conjure the idea of a werewolf P.I.... and make it so incredibly believable!  When I finished that short story, I was completely taken by Paul's writing... what a wonderful introduction to a new author!  Smashing read, Paul!

Okay... redemption?

DRUNK ON THE MOON takes my breath away... it sends chills up and down my spine... absolutely!  This story gave me many a sleepless night, tossing and turning... unable to get those dark, gruesome images out of my head... even a night light could not keep them at bay (Paul, if you don't own stock in a night light company, you may want to look into that.)

What a dark, deliciously horrifying read... I LOVED every minute of it!  Someone... I'm sorry, I can't recall who it was at the moment... said Paul's writing was a bit like jazz (I'm paraphrasing).  This  is so true... his words have a beat and a pulse all their own... wrapping themselves around your senses and pulling you in... taking you on an amazing journey through P.I. Roman Dalton's world.  And, like great jazz, Paul's writing doesn't let go after you've read the last line and closed the book.  It stays with you long after you've finished... leaving you sated, yet wanting more at the same time.

Paul's writing has all the grit and punch of Chandler and the horror of Stoker and Shelley.  Seemingly without effort, he blends noir and horror to create an unforgettable character and a story you won't forget.  The dialogue is dark and gritty, perfectly balanced with his wonderfully colorful narrative of The City and the others in it.

"The moon slices the night like a fang..."... "...death black coffee."  Such startling imagery from a few well-chosen words, Paul's style is unmatched.  Others may yearn to write like this, but just as Chandler is oft-imitated, yet always missing the mark... those who attempt to emulate Paul D Brazill's style will be pale imitators at best!

Okay... time to wind this up... somebody has got it in their head that I am cooking dinner tonight.

What's that?  What is the book about?

Oh... I'm not going to tell you that... I could not even begin to do it justice... no, you will have to read this for yourself.

DRUNK ON THE MOON is not just a story... it's an experience!

Okay... a hint... there's a new 'sheriff' in town... P.I. Roman Dalton... and he is ridding The City of criminal elements.  Now... go buy the book!

Oh... one more thing...

P.I. Roman Dalton is a werewolf... did I forget to mention that?

Paul... from the bottom of my heart... thank you for all the sleepless nights you have given me... with DRUNK ON THE MOON, that is! (Wouldn't want to give people the wrong idea... give you a reputation undeserved... hehe!)  Not to mention the inspiration you have given me as well... I mention Roman in one of my short stories... seems my vampyre has a crush on him.

Read this book, people! You won't be disappointed!

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  1. Glad you enjoyed it, Ronnie. Thanks for this!

  2. You are very welcome, Paul. Smashing read. I am hoping to get to Books 2 and 3 very shortly.


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