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Kick It AgainKick It Again by McDroll

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh... Beeny's a little shite, isn't he? Lying to his mate like that!

Veronica, Queen Slave of the Mutant Monkeys sounds very interesting indeed... she doesn't come on the DS, does she? Haha!

A STRAIGHT GAME is an absorbing, all-too realistic story of a couple of delinquents. The characters.. . the dialogue... I can almost hear the conversation... the inflection in their voices... you capture perfectly the dialect. It really brings the characters to life. Excellent read!

This is really first rate writing, Fiona! As with all of your stories, I absolutely LOVE A STRAIGHT GAME.

NO MORE CHOICES... a raw, powerful, bleak story... when a mother's love and desperation takes her down to the very bottom of that long, dark path to something she hoped and prayed would never come to pass. there is a dark, tragic sadness in this telling of the human condition. Beautifully written, Fiona.

This one doesn't tug... it rips at my heart! We read stories like this and the lucky ones who haven't had to make the hard choices can only be thankful that they haven't had to. For those of us who have... the anguish and torment here wrings our emotions. This one brings tears to my eyes and a lump to my throat.

Beautifully written, Fiona! That last line... "The pilot light popped. The gas hissed into the darkness." ... that one got to me.

If I write anymore, I might give something away, so I will leave to you, gentle reader, the other three amazing stories in this collection.


Brilliant and breathtaking 'slices' of crime/noir; Fiona Johnson has another winner in KICK IT AGAIN. She sets a bar many reach for, but few attain.  Be sure to check out her previous collection - KICK IT, available on Amazon, and visit Fiona's website at  Her writing can also be found in The Lost Children:  A Charity Anthology, on sale at Amazon, Smashwords and Barnes and Nobles; proceeds of which go to children's charities.  Visit THE LOST CHILDREN:  A CHARITY ANTHOLOGY  for more information.


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