Saturday, November 26, 2011


 I love the e-book… primarily for its convenience, but my love affair with the bound and printed word transcends even 21st century technology and I will never completely give up the traditional book… be it hardback, soft cover or paperback.  For those who are like-minded, Lost Children: A Charity Anthology can now be ordered in the form of nature’s most renewable resource… paper.

The Lost Children: A Charity Anthology contains stories by 30 different authors, of which I am humbled and honored to be included among, which sprung from the brain child of Thomas Pluck, Fiona Johnson and Ron Earl Phillips over at Flash Fiction Friday.  Having raised a tidy sum for children’s charities in an online flash fiction writing challenge earlier this year, the trio decided to take things a step further… thus the Lost Children Charity Anthology e-book was born, followed now by the print version.  You can read a bit of the history of this project over at The Lost Children: A Charity Ebook Anthology, including stories about the authors and their personal experiences.  The goal of everyone connected with this project, is to bring public awareness to the plight of lost, abused and neglected children and to raise money for PROTECT: The National Coalition to Protect Children and Children 1st of Scotland.

This is a great book … for a great price… and written for a great cause!  If you are looking for a compelling read, for yourself or as a gift (that’s right… Christmas is looming over us like the rock wall at Six Flags!), you can order the anthology online at Amazon or Createspace for the modest sum of $9.99, of which 40% goes directly to PROTECT and Children 1st

The anthology is also available digitally at Amazon (Kindle), Barnes and Noble (NOOK), iTunes (ibook for iPad/iTouch) and Smashwords.  The e-book is only $2.99, of which every penny goes to charity.

Thank you,
Veronica Marie Lewis-Shaw

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