Saturday, March 9, 2013


Compromising PositionsCompromising Positions by Susan Isaacs
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Written with a wicked sense of humour and wit as sharp as a mohel's knife, Compromising Positions, and its unforgettable protagonist, Judith Singer, offers an eye-opening look inside a Nassau county bedroom community and reminds us that what happens behind closed doors doesn't always stay behind closed doors.

I'd always considered dentists rather mild-mannered sorts, but Susan shatters that 'myth', and does it with such a wonderful narrative style, weaving completely believable characters (I have worked with a couple of these 'types') into a plot worthy of the silver screen, that Compromising Positions definitely earns a five-star with this reader.

The back cover of my copy has the blurb... 'brilliant first novel...'

I couldn't agree more.  I will certainly be adding more of Susan's works to my reading list.

I recommend Compromising Positions without hesitation.

 Thank you, Susan, for a first rate story!

Veronica Marie Lewis-Shaw
9 March 2013
Cannon Beach, Oregon

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